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Caring Across Generations's Universal Family Care resolution will put forth a bold vision for a comprehensive, integrated, and robust care infrastructure covering all care needs across a lifetime. Our team at Caring Across will use this resolution to make the case for a comprehensive change to our caregiving system, to rally family caregivers around a solution we know will work, and to help build a coalition of allies to make our UFC vision a reality. Sign onto our pledge to be one of the first supporters of Universal Family Care:

"I will fight for Universal Family Care and I believe that our country should start valuing and supporting caregivers!"

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Universal Family Care:

  • • Makes all kinds of family care affordable through a public social insurance fund: having paid leave to care for an aging parent, hiring a home care worker for a disabled spouse, or even getting quality childcare you can afford. Caring for our families shouldn't put us in debt!
  • • Integrates existing public programs to make it easier for every family to get the care they need. Universal Family Care would bring all types of care under one umbrella, with one point-of-entry instead of the patchwork of the current systems.
  • • Provides fair wages for care workers. Not only will this improve the quality of care for our families, it means that care workers can support their own loved ones. It's not just fair; it's common sense.
  • • Builds on the momentum we're already seeing in many states. Last year, Oregon became the latest state to create a paid family leave program, joining a wide range of states (and Washington DC) that have created or expanded family leave in recent years. And Washington State’s Long-Term Care Trust sets a precedent for states helping families afford care. There are many paths to UFC and states are taking on the pieces of UFC independently -- this work will bring them together.

Universal Family Care is designed for families, for caregivers, for people who need care, and for care workers. Go back to the top of the page to sign the pledge and show your support for UFC today!